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Adult day care is a program of activities designed to promote the well-being of older adults.

Adult day care has two basic objectives:

  1. To provide clients with therateutic mental, physical, and social stimulation.
  2. To provide caregivers with the support needed to hold down a job, attend to personal needs, or to simply rest and relax.

daycare client playing guitar
Day care focuses on enriching participants' lives, maximizing independence, and building on abilities and strengths. Below are some of the activities typically provided:

  • Arts and crafts
  • Musical entertainment and sing-alongs
  • Mental stimulation games such as bingo
  • Stretching or other gentle exercise
  • Discussion groups (books, films, current events)
  • Holiday and birthday celebrations

Want to know more? Schedule a visit! Come see what adult day care is all about. 


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