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shakespeareShakespeare once wrote that "...a rose by any other name would smell as sweet."

True, perhaps, but modern organizations aren't taking any chances. Today, businesses and organizations want simple and direct names. PetSmart and Toys R Us are perfect examples. There's no misunderstanding what these businesses do.

Catholic Youth Association (CYA) is a different story. Our name isn't explanatory. First, we don't just serve Catholics. Second, we don't just serve youth.

Believe it or not, the Catholic Youth Association is a major provider of services for the elderly; has been for nearly three decades. CYA was actually one of the first organizations in Allegheny County to provide adult day services.

image of 1920s football team

CYA's history traces to 1925. It was founded by the Knights of Columbus, a Catholic lay organization, to help impoverished children. Over the years, as the community's needs changed, the programs of the Catholic Youth Association evolved.

In the mid-1970s, CYA was asked by government and community leaders to undertake services for the elderly. CYA responded with programs that furthered health and wellness and enhanced social well being.  Adult daycare and programs like meals-on-wheels followed.

man delivering meals

True to its Catholic origins, the common thread of CYA's many services is a value and respect for human life. From newborn baby to aging grandparent, CYA works to enhance the quality of life for all citizens.

For more information about CYA's many services call us at 412-621-3342. And, if you'd like to volunteer, we have many opportunities.

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