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This website is a work in progress. 

That's not an apology. It's a statement of what we want the site to be: a living, breathing thing with relevant content, a constant flow of ideas, and never ending support for people engaged in caregiving.

The READY section contains information leading up to adult daycare and other services. The SET section has information about getting started with day care, meals-on-wheels, visiting nurse, home care etc. The GO section relates specifically to selecting and enrolling in adult daycare including enrollment forms. Nursing homes are not discussed because our goal is to help families/individuals avoid institutionalization.

The  FORUM section is where registered users--especially those currently caring for a family member at home--can anonymously ask questions and offer advice to others. The Forum section is monitored by social work and medical professionals and is a place to connect and find support of all types.

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"Good" answers don't exist for every care giving problem. But you'll always find support here.

Whether you're actively searching for daycare placement, or just feeling a bit overwhelmed as a caregiver, you're at the right place!

Feel free to look around and even share your knowledge and experience.


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