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Take our advice: don't get old.

It's a pain in the neck..the back...the knee...and the hip among other places. Avoid it by taking good care of yourself: eat smart, exercise, quit smoking, eliminate stress.  This won't stop the aging process, but it can help.

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Aging begins the moment of our birth. But how and why we age is not fully known. Some scientists theorize that it is caused by 'free radicals' unleashed by the air we breathe and the food we eat. Other scientists say aging is something that's genetically pre-programmed. Each of us gets a certain number of years and little can alter the equation.

Aging affects all of us differently. If we're lucky our mind will stay sharp even as muscles weaken, hair thins, and hearing and eyesight diminish.  To age gracefully is everyone's hope. No one wants to live in a nursing home or be dependent on others for care. But sometimes it happens. Thus help from family, friends and the community is important.

Being a caregiver for aging parents isn't easy. It is especially difficult in today's frenetic world where families are geographically scattered and where many caregivers may have responsibilities at work, or even to young children. 

This website may provide a little help. It's a place where you can find ideas, strategies and techniques for care giving--ways to make things a little easier. Maybe you have some ideas to share. In any case, we hope you'll visit the Caregiver Forum. It's intended to be a caring and sharing resource.


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